Just saw an image saying “Stop violence against women”. Women was crossed out and everyone was written as a fix.



Did you really think it was cute or clever? How fucking derailing is this shit? If the poster read “stop violence against LGBT people" and LGBT people were crossed out and everyone were written instead, would it be nice?

No one who wants to put a stop to violence against women wants any kind of violence against anyone, fuck. However violence against women is structural and sustained by a misogynistic culture. Crossing out the word women to make your statement sound adorable and inclusive just erases the fact that violence against women is motivated by misogyny, while violence against everyone is motivated by a plethora of different reasons, many of them non-systemic.

This is some ignorant shit.

It shouldn’t be fucking controversial to say “Stop violence against women” without some fuck fixing it to include human beings. You don’t have to fix “Stop violence against LGBT people”, you don’t have to fix “Stop violence against people of color”, you don’t have to fix “Stop violence against poor people” and you don’t fucking have to fix “Stop violence against women” while all these groups are fucking victims of hate crimes for being marginalized groups.

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    Derailing’s primary purpose: Those people with privilege are Everyone, those people without aren’t actually really human...
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