"our rights trump your pain"

alright, but heres the thing

i have pain. i have a lot of pain.  i have a lot of pain at the hands of people who treat me just like you do; as though i am disposable, as though i am someone who doesn’t really know what i want, as though i am stupid or more trivial or more worthless than you are or could ever be

but i am not a radical feminist because of my pain,

i am a radical feminist because i have read the theories and studied the options and i believe that gender is a hierarchy that is designed to keep women at the bottom and men at the top and i don’t think that gender is a costume you can put on or take off at a whim.  

I am a radical feminist because i have read the theories and studied the options and i believe that the Nordic Model for reforming the laws and policies surrounding prostitution is the best option and the one most likely to save the most women’s lives.  

I am a radical feminist because i know that it is not a coincidence that one out of six women is raped and because i don’t think it is chance that 90% of rapists are males.  I am a radical feminist because I can see the rapid deterioration of rights that liberal feminists have insisted could not possibly go away.  I am a radical feminist because I can see how this world treats myself and my sisters and I have finally decided that enough is enough and I am not going to stand by passively any more.

To reduce my entire political philosophy to the abuse i have suffered at the hands of males (males who, by the way, dismiss me and my ideas just like you are doing right now) is not only offensive but a perfect demonstration of why we mistrust you.  

You are unable to understand that it is not just pain driving us, that it is not only your rights in question here. You insist that you are more important, and a lot of women will accept that but I wont.  We wont.  Not any more.  

Don’t you fucking DARE act like my feminism is just an emotional response instead of a school of thought I have thought through deeply and care about passionately.

Don’t. you. fucking. dare.


liberal social justice is saying “don’t discriminate against poor people” instead of “why are people poor in the fucking first place”

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What I’m really terrified of is leading an average, ordinary life with a regular job and an invariable routine, planned holidays, an average household, fixed responsibilities and not doing anything different to be remembered by.

grow up



I always say this, but language is really powerful. Changing a mere word or even the order of words can alter how a person perceives the message. It can make a lot of difference is people are reported “dead,”or if people are reported as killed. there is a huge difference between…


I wish there was some sort of blanket you could cover yourself with but it didn’t make you warm it just provided the sensation of being covered because some nights it’s just too hot for a blanket but I need something covering me so it’s a choice between boiling to death or being completely vulnerable to monsters

you mean to tell me you don’t know sheets that go on top of your bed?

The term ‘gender’ itself is problematic. It was first used in a sense that was not simply about grammar by sexologists – the scientists of sex such as John Money in the 1950s and 1960s – who were involved in normalising intersex infants. They used the term to mean the behavioural characteristics they considered most appropriate for persons of one or other biological sex. They applied the concept of gender when deciding upon the sex category into which those infants who did not have clear physical indications of one biological sex or another should be placed (Hausman, 1995 ). Their purpose was not progressive. These were conservative men who believed that there should be clear differences between the sexes and sought to create distinct sex categories through their projects of social engineering

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To be immediately printed and stapled to your workplace noticeboard.


To be immediately printed and stapled to your workplace noticeboard.

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